I am a 32-year-old male who happens to work in Tech.

I am an engineer by coercion and an MBA by choice.

I love writing. That's what I like to tell myself. I have many incomplete blogs on various platforms to show for it but nothing that will amaze you. I do have one published article on the web. I intend to increase that number.

Ephemeral. That's the word that captures the essence of my being. I get bored very quickly. It could be work, entertainment, place or people. It takes an enormous effort to keep me interested. I'm not too fond of stickling structure and mundane routines.

I love listening to podcasts. They calm me when I am irritated. I love driving alone; it is therapeutic. I love watching movies and find it hard to critique them except when they are terrible. I can find something in every movie I watch that justifies the time invested in them.

I am a generalist.

I love discovering new experiences. That has translated into me being the first to sign-up for new exciting products. It takes effort to continue using it and recommending to others.

Think of me like a serial entrepreneur who likes to start things and move on to start more things. Serial startopreneur?

I cry easily. I am figuring out my relationship with this part of my nature. I started being proud of wearing my heart on my sleeves; however, as years go by, I think not doing so is beneficial in improving the quality of life.

I like kindness but do not have the heart capable of practising it regularly. I might donate to a few causes but have commitment issues in making it a habit.

I love reading. Not having read enough books when I was a child will be a regret I will take to my grave. Although I have established the endless benefits of reading, I am amazed at how I can avoid reading daily. I do read but not enough. I guess I will never know what's the number of books (per year) at which I will call myself a voracious reader.

I am impulsive in spending, and hence my relationship with money is that of turmoil and regrets. The job in Tech has made life bearable. More importantly, my wife has instilled some money sense that has helped. If not for her, I would only pile on the liabilities part of my life's balance sheet.

I have had a few trysts with spirituality. I do not call myself overtly religious. I do believe in a higher power that makes you, me and the world tick. I have had exciting experiences with meditation, but nothing worth writing yet.

Attentive listening is my strength.

I share my interests and thoughts profusely on Twitter. That's the best place to reach out to me, or you could email me at patil@hey.com

Published: 08/16/2020