Balcony v/s Dance Floor
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Balcony v/s Dance Floor

I spent the last two years putting my head down and executing. It's tough for me to get out of the execution, think strategically, come back to the executing, and go back and forth.

An excellent way to think through this problem is the balcony v/s dance floor analogy.

There are stairs between the dance floor and the balcony, and you don't need to jump.

There are five stairs or five Cs:

1. Colour: Tell me more about what we're doing and tell me the why.

2. Context: Tell me what else is happening in the organisation while this is happening. I want to know the context in which it's happening, not just in the organisation but outside the organisation. What's happening in the world?

3. Connective tissue: How does this connect to other strategies we're trying to work against? What are the cost and the consequence?"

4. Cost: What's the cost of not getting this right? What's the cost of staying on the dance floor?

5. Consequence: What is the consequence of not doing it now?

Source - Dare to Lead by Brene Brown