I Wonder How and Where will I Die
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I Wonder How and Where will I Die

I Wonder How and Where will I Die

How would the room, where I eventually die, look?

Will it have a bookshelf that reminds me of all the books I have read in my life? Will it have a chair and a table for me to do occasional doodles?

Will the room have TV and if it does what will be on the TV? What would be the series I would binge right before dying?

Who would be in the room with me? Will I be alone? Will I have a companion? Where would this room be? Inside a home or a assisted living centre?

Will I have my kids come visit me? How would I be as an old person? Will I share gyaan in every sentence I speak? Will I be a person my family looks up to? Will I be a source of disgust to people who come visit me?

What would I be most proud of achieving in the life?

Would I be meditating more or less during the last phase of my life?

Would I like to be confined inside a house or would I like to experience fresh air every now and then? What would I define as now and then?

How would I breathe? Would it be slow, layered or fast paced? Would I know that I am in the last 20% of my breaths? Would the body know if I cared to listen?

Who would be on my call history? Would I have friends to talk to? Would I have memories to cherish? Would I call up someone and dive into nostalgia and let that make my day, week or month?

Would I call up folks from my work life and talk about silly stuff we worried about?

Would I have sense of humour and be able to laugh at my own mortality?

Whose words would I remember when I would be breathing my last?

What would I write on the day I die? What would I tweet? Would I be still tweeting? Would Twitter be still around? Would Jack still be CEO of two companies?

I wonder what my last tweet would be? What would happen to all my tweets? Would some AI be able to crawl through all my tweets and give a personality assessment to my loved ones?

Who are the loved ones I will leave behind? What will I actually leave behind?

Would I still be checking balance on Cred or would I finally be in a place where I do not have to worry about money?

I wonder what would be the Instagram story on my last day? Wait will old people be allowed to use Instagram? How would millennials be treated when we become old?