Three acts outside Jaipur, Rajasthan
(Photo above is from Unsplash!) A man in his mid 40's dressed in a staunch yellow Kurti with a white cloth tied around his waist was waiting for his turn. Two women clad
India Makes History Again
As a fan watching India chase down 328 on Day 5 of the last match of the series, I experienced a plethora of emotions, and one among them was pride. India did the
The day India stood its ground
Dear, Future Adi                                                                                       I read earlier that the vaccines have left the Serum Institute's building at 5 AM in three trucks to Pune Airport. It seems that they will fly in cargo flights
Looking back at 2020
The first few months after coming to parent's placeMuch of the January went unnoticed. My wife and I took a week's vacation and went to Lonavala near Mumbai during the valentine week. It
I Wonder How and Where will I Die
How would the room, where I eventually die, look? Will it have a bookshelf that reminds me of all the books I have read in my life? Will it have a chair and
Podcast - Daniel Kahneman: The Knowledge Project
You can listen to the podcast on the Farnam Street site and follow Shane Parrish on Twitter. I have not read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. I tried reading a few
Podcast - How I built this with Guy Raz - Airbnb
The below tweet intrigued me to learn what Airbnb is doing differently. I'm referencing a very small sample size, but every individual I've met over the past half decade
A day with two Podcasts
I look forward to driving nowadays. I invariably listen to 2 hour long podcasts and before I know it, the destination arrives. Tim Ferriss is turning out to be my favourite podcaster. I
Hello Chennai
New Beginnings
I vividly remember sitting on the bus next to a young guy who had an interview letter in his hand and address of a hotel he was going to. I, on the other

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